The Panasonic Lumix G6 Challenge!

Lumix G6

We all look for different things in a camera, but when it comes to it we really want our cameras to be laden packed with all the latest tech a company can fit in, without it weighing a tonne. Panasonic are so confident that their new Lumix G6 camera fits the bill that they have […]

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New Video Experience: Panasonic HC-V520 All-Rounder Video Camera

Panasonic has several new video cameras in its V series. One of this is the HC-V520, a Full HD camera with features that anybody can use for creating creative videos. Compared to its predecessors, the V520 is more practical without sacrificing quality and originality. Proof of this can be seen on a video posted on […]

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Online gaming: Site review

For those familiar with online shopping and buying virtual money in particular, it’s best not to buy it from just anywhere. With the number of stories about scams, you can be forgiven for being a bit nervous when considering buying some gold for you character. The relatively new craze is one that mainly benefits those […]

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Nintendogs Versus Real Dogs

We all love our games and gadgets, whether it’s the latest mobile phone app or our current favourite tablet. However, we are increasingly spending more and more of our days with our heads bowed in worship to our technology and we need to address the virtual versus real world balance. I am not saying that […]

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Singing with Skype

Skype is one of the most successful uses of technology that has occurred since the turn of the century. It has changed the lives of the millions of users that can speak to and, more importantly, see friends and family members all over the world. I do not know one person that has not used […]

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Return of Fenton!


Fenton and his owner’s escapade in Richmond Park was the viral hit of 2011. It spawned a mini-industry of T-shirts, mugs, signed photos and imitations. Owner and dog were even used in TV adverts, such was the power of the video. And here we are again, but the video has now been re-mastered for 4GEE, […]

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Rayman Jungle Run Review

Rayman punches an enemy hard

It’s difficult to make a mobile game feel like a console game. The screen is smaller, as is the memory capacity, and the controls are limited to touch alone. And yet, Ubisoft has managed to make Rayman Jungle Run for iOS and Android feel incredibly similar to its console cousins, and any differences are not […]

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Dishonored Review

Corvo leans around a corner

With its nine-mission campaign and lack of any multiplayer, some might think Dishonored won’t give them enough back to make it worth an early purchase. But they’d be wrong. There is one way to get through Dishonored fairly quickly, to reach the end of the story in only a few hours. Put the difficulty on […]

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LG Optimus 4X HD Review

Powerful new smartphone from LG

The Optimus 4X HD is a flagship Android device from LG, boasting hardware which will outperform laptops and an amazing screen how will it fair up against the flagship devices from HTC and Samsung? We’ll start by looking at some of the impressive specifications associated with this beastly device. Operating System Android version 4.0 Chipset […]

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New Lease of Life with Duracell

3 pink Duracell bunnies

Concentrating on making more people aware of the wasted energy of batteries, Duracell reveals that one third of alkaline batteries thrown away may still have up to 67% of usable power left inside. Following these findings, Duracell’s video encourages people to be creative and eco-friendly with their use of batteries. So, if you’re looking to […]

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